TON / Catalogue 2014–15



TON transformed itself from a local to a global producer, with ambitions to bring new perspectives on the appearance wooden seating in the 21st century. The company also required fresh ideas for product portfolio presentation.

The product catalogue features artistic photographs and product photographs; the latter taken in TON factories, where hand-turned wooden furniture has been produced for 150 years. This tradition is connected with new stories of Czech design through decorative accessories produced by Czech manufacturers. The individual chapters are separated using poetic photographs showing changing landscapes from around Bystřice pod Hostýnem over a year.

The catalogue formed part of a range of marketing materials and samples, which were given a new graphical concept.


Pavel Zelenka, Jiří Karásek, Tereza Pavelková, Erika Huptychová


Václav Jirásek / landscape photography
Martin Chum / product photography
Michaela Tomišková / styling


Ladislav, Atlas Grotesk


The catalogue won gold at the European Design Award 2014 from the editors-in-chief of leading European graphics magazines and the Zlatý středník [Golden Semi-colon] in a competition of the Association of Czech PR agencies.