Euro weekly

magazines / editorial design


Devoted to finance, business and politics, Euro contains analyses aimed at sophisticated readers. Bite-sized articles for a quick read are rejected in favour of in-depth coverage. Making the magazine more user-friendly and easier to read was the main goal of the new format.

We created the logo by adapting the Stag typeface; the cover sets the tone for the overall layout of the magazine, and inside, the same graphic elements are used. Euro is divided by colour into five regularly themed sections (occasional themed supplements form the sixth section).

Texts are arranged in three columns using typeface from the Guardian family of related fonts, designed by Christian Schwartz. The body text is the dark Egyptian wide typeface, and in short texts and infographics a condensed sans-serif complements this font. A distinguishing feature of the magazine is the that the usual size difference between the title and the lead does not apply. Both are set in large typeface and are of the same size visually.

The title is distinguished from the sub-heading by colour only, and in the articles by the darkness of the cuts. The basic graphical elements are even simpler; the info graphics are much stronger visually.

As a result, the magazine follows the maxim that we try to apply in the design process: maximum impact, minimum use of resources. This economical approach is not autotelic – it strongly reflects the ethos of the business magazine and guarantees that such a solution can be easily applied in weekly work.


Jiří Karásek, Pavel Zelenka