Czech Radio

logo / identity


Besides the overall rebranding, the ČRo initialism was replaced with the initial R, denoting both radio and Radiožurnál, the flagship station of Czech Radio [Český rozhlas]. In all cases, we chose the most straightforward solution: the creation of a strong brand, which has become visually synonymous with Czech Radio. The simple, almost abstract treatment allows the logo, which varies by radio station, to be used in various sizes and colours. The approach also gives the logo a distinctive and easily recognisable form.

The radio broadcaster’s visual style presented a challenge in terms of content and scope. In the end, 6,562 collections of logos were produced, and 12 volumes of manuals, running to 1,294 pages in total.


Erika Huptychová, Jana Vahalíková, Jiří Karásek, Olga Benešová, Pavel Zelenka, Jakub Sanitrák


David Marvan / director & camera
Studio Oficina / film editing


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